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Vintage Jewelry



" Jewelry " Great selection of unique and interesting pieces! 

We have the range from the most expensive to the cheap and cheesy.

* $$$ Sign necklaces - made of Silver & Gold

* Beaded First Nations

* Belly dancing coin necklaces and paraphernalia

* Big gaudy 80's & 90's Earring and Bracelets

* Biker Necklaces, chokers, studded  paraphernalia 

* Bling - Hip hop - big gold & silver necklaces and rings

* Bone/skull necklaces, earring and bracelets

* Brooches - Large selection of Quality rhinestone and other materials

* Crosses - small to large - Made of different materials

* Dog Tags - 3 styles

* Genuine Really Swarovski  crystal necklaces and rings 

* Goth jewelry, rings, spiders and bats in stainless steel silver

* Gypsy beads and bangles

* Large multi selection of rings

* Middle Eastern bracelets

* Pirate coin necklaces, earrings, and skull rings

* Rhinestones necklaces, earring, rings, bracelets, tiaras,  & "Yes Bras" 

* Roman bracelets in gold and silver

* Vast selection of tribal beaded necklaces

* Vintage style pearl necklaces, opera length to choker in different tones 

**** Lots &  Lots more…..

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